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The Lesbian Rape Of Amanda
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[My name…I think my name is simply Amanda, my Mistress and all my sister’s either call me Panda (which I hate…), or they call me Mandy. Personally I prefer Amanda, so, I think that might be my given name.
 Anyhow, I mentioned my sister’s, they aren’t my real sisters, I call them that because we’re all owned by the same woman, although they are treated better than I am. See I was bought at a slave auction on the black market, we’ll get to that soon enough.
 Anyhow, I was out late one night having some drinks. Tonight I’m wearing a slinky floral print dress and black heels, a black satin bra and I’m not wearing panties.
 And to describe myself, I’m 5’6, I’m not skinny but I’m certainly not fat either. I have shoulder length honey blonde hair, green eyes and a nice 34c chest.
 I sit at the bar a few minutes when a nice young man comes walking up to me.
“Hi! I’m Jake, what’s your name?” He says, extending his hand.
“I’m Amanda, Jake. How are you?” I say, taking a sip of my drink.
“I’m doing good, I’d be doing even better if you’d let me sit with you and let me buy you a drink.
“Have a seat, Jake, and I’m drinking a rum & Coke.”
After a few minutes of good conversation, and a few strong rum and Cokes, I look at Jake.
“Jake…I’m drunk…take me back to your apartment and fuck the shit out of me!” I say, reaching out and grabbing the bulge in his jeans.
 He pays for our drinks, he hails a Lyft and off we go back to his place.
 We kiss almost the entire ride back.
 Once we get there, he practically carries me down the hall, only putting me down long enough to unlock his door.
 Once inside, we begin kissing again, and he begins roughly squeezing my breasts, a little too rough.
“Hey! Settle down…don’t be so rough…JAKE!” I say, slapping him across the face.
 What he did next was unexpected, slapping me hard with the back of his hand, knocking me to the floor.
“You bastard! That hurt! What? Let go…” I scream as he grabs a handful of my hair and drags me to the bedroom.
 He pulls me to my feet and punches me hard in the stomach, and then throws me down on the bed.
 He gets on top of me, and rips my dress open and he injects something into my neck, I become groggy and simply pass out.
 I come to what I assume was hours later. I’m naked, tied to the bed, with a ball gag in my mouth, and there is a woman standing at the foot of the bed.
“She’s perfect! I told you I’d give you more if you called me before taking her to auction. How does $1,500,000 sound?”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, $1.5 million for me?
“That sounds nice but I could easily get $2,000,000 at auction.” Jake says.
“Fine! $3,000,000 is my final offer and I get to try her out here.” The medium height BBW with long, curly red hair said.
“You have a deal, Jessica.” Jake as they shake hands and she hands him a check. “You have an hour to try her out, then you gotta go.”
She comes walking over to me, and removes the ball gag from my mouth.
“Hello precious! My name is Mistress Jessica, what’s your name?”
 “A-amanda! Please…please…please let me go!” I say, unable to control the tears.
“I can’t let you go, Panda, that’s your new nickname…Amanda Panda…aw, you don’t like that name, do you, Panda?” She says, giggling at me.
“No…I don’t!” I angrily say.
“No? No what?”
I just stare at her.
“I am to be addressed as either Mistress or Ma’am, failure to address me properly will result in severe punishment…so, I’ll say again: ‘No? No what?’”
I lower my head in submission.
“No, Mistress, I don’t like being called Panda, Ma’am.”
 “Good girl! I knew you’d come around!” She says, rubbing her hand over my smooth, hairless pussy.
 She moves up my body and gently cups my 34c tits.
“Nice, firm titties…I like that.” She says, leaning down and rolling her tongue around the nipples.
“Please…stop…I’m not a lesbian…please…stop this.” I say, crying harder than ever.
“You’ll learn to be a great lesbian, Panda, now be quiet, I’m going to eat your pussy.” She says, again rubbing her hand over my vagina.
“No! Please no!” I scream as she forces two fingers inside me.
 She finger fucks me for a few minutes, and then she brings her fingers to my mouth.
“Open your mouth, Panda!” She orders.
 I lay there, holding my mouth shut and shaking my head no.
“Fine, we’ll do this the hard way!” She says, pinching my nose shut, leaving me unable to breath.
 When I open my mouth to catch a breath, she shoves her fingers in my mouth, making me taste my own pussy.
“That’s it, bitch, taste your nasty cunt!”
I almost vomits, the taste repulses me so much, but, I learn to control myself.
 After a couple of minutes, she finally pulls her finger from my mouth.
“Did you enjoy that?” She says, laughing.
“Fuck you! That was disgusting!”
No sooner did the words leave my mouth, she punches me hard in the stomach.
“OW! Please…I’m sorry…I’m sorry, Mistress, don’t punish me any more.” I cry out while coughing and gasping for air.
“Good girl, you’re learning.”
She again starts rubbing my pussy.
“Time for Mistress to taste that sweet smelling pussy.” She says, running her tongue over my swollen clit.
 I just lay there crying softly.
“Don’t cry, Amanda, you’ll grow to love having your pussy eaten by me, and since your new, your sisters will get to taste you as well.” She says, now pushing her tongue inside me.
 I can’t help it, all of this attention is starting to feel good, and soon I start moaning.
“That’s it, whore, moan!” She says, moving up my body and kissing me, I can taste my pussy on her lips and this time I find it pleasant.
 She moves back down and again buries her tongue inside me, wiggling her face over my clit.
“OH! That feel incredible, Mistress!” I can’t believe the words coming out of my mouth. I can’t believe that I’m actually enjoying this.
 She begins sucking in my clit and because I’m so wet, she easily slides her entire fist inside me.
“That’s it, cum, cum right now, you fucking whore!” She orders me to cum.
 I can’t control myself, I have an explosive orgasm, I actually squirt all over her.
“Our hour is over…get dressed, I’m taking you to meet your family.” She says, untying me and tossing me my clothes.
 To be continued…
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