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Grinch Rape
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Christmas is long gone but this is one of my favourites. Unknown author.

The Grinch

One dark Christmas eve, in a far neighborhood,
The old fat green Grinch was up to no good.
He was horny as hell, his dick wouldn't go down
It had been a long year since he'd last popped his crown.

He squeezed his fat cock, it was green like a toad,
he was looking for somewhere to dump a quick load.
Down a chimney he flew, with his dick in his hand,
"I'll find me a cutie and feed her my gland."

Through the house, down the halls he sniffed for perfume,
searching the house for a woman's bedroom.
He found Shelley Lou Who getting ready for bed.
"Come here, you dumb bitch, and gimme some head."

The girl screamed and cried and then she turned white,
for never before had she seen such a sight.
The Grinch, he was scowling and hairy and green,
and holding the biggest cock she'd ever seen.

The Grinch he just snarled "Bitch, get down on your knees.
You're naked and ready and I can't stand a tease."
He grabbed the young lady as he made his commands,
and forced her to her knees to meet his demands.

"Oh no, no. please, don't." the girl started to plead,
He grabbed her blonde hair and said. "Oh, yes indeed."
He pulled back her head and he said it again,
then pried open her mouth and stuffed his cock in.

He grabbed her blonde hair and said, "Listen you Whore.
Open your mouth, Bitch, I can't wait anymore."
He pumped her and fucked her and thrust in his hips.
until his green nutsack was mashing her lips.

He grabbed both her ears; his hips started to buck.
"Let's have some tongue, girl, let's see you suck.
My Grinchy Green nuts, they are way overloaded"
Then he threw back his head and the green cock exploded.

He pumped hot green cum right down the girl's throat,
filling her belly till she started to bloat.
She started to gag and she begged him to stop.
So he pulled his green cock from her mouth with a pop.

"Please leave now," she cried, "Leave me here on the floor."
But he grabbed his long dick, and was ready for more.
He dropped to his knees and she heard him grunt
"Turn around you dumb bitch, I still want your cunt!"

He pushed her right over, to her hands and her knees,
and slid his long cock in, laughing with glee.
He looked in the mirror and flashed a quick smile
then humped the girl hard, doggystyle.

His horny cock fucked her and pounded her harder.
She cried and she begged but he'd just disregard her.
He screwed her so long that her pussy was numb.
But finally he mumbled. "Oh, I'm gonna cum".

His teeth, they were clenching and his nuts drawn up tight;
he slammed into the girl with all of his might.
he buried his green cock way deep in her bod,
and with a loud shriek the Grinch shot his wad.

"Please leave now," she sobbed, I can't take any more."
He pulled out his fat dickmeat, and said "Shut up, whore.".
"My cock is still hard". He said with a grin.
"I'll have to find a new hole to dump my nuts in."

The Grinch had an idea, it was mean, it was vile.
He'd buttfuck the bitch right here on the tile.
He pushed the girl down and made her lay on her belly.
Then reached in the drawer for petroleum jelly.

He slicked up his cock and he slopped up her crack,
And held her down tight as she tried to fight back.
She cried and she begged and she screamed and she swore.
But the Grinch was determined to fuck her backdoor.

He pulled open her cheeks and looked at her pucker,
and pulled his long cock, and got ready to fuck her.
He pinned her down tight, the scared little lass,
then slid his green cock all the way up her ass.

She screamed out in pain as he buried his dick.
It felt two feet long and at least half as thick.
He breathed in her ear as he humped the girl's butt,
"Take all of my cock, girl, take it all like a slut".

He buried his prick deep for one final thrust.
And grunted and cursed as he felt his nuts bust.
He filled up her belly with his boiling hot seed.
And sighed "That's better now, that's just what I need."

She whimpered and cried, pinned under the Grinch.
Helpless and scared, still held tight in his clinch.
He held the girl strongly in his control,
his fat cock still buried deep, deep in her hole.

He entangled her hair and pulled her head near.
She felt his foul breath, it was hot on her ear.
Then the Grinch whispered something that filled her with fear.
"You were great, whore, really something, and I'll see you next year."
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Re: Grinch Rape
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That fucking ROCKED!!!

Savage points added...
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Re: Grinch Rape
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That was totally Hott!

Loved it...Thanks for you contribution..

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Rogue, this one remains one of my faves.... enough so that I have saved it.  ;D

Re: Grinch Rape
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Glad you guys liked it....roll on Christmas  :evilgrin:
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That was wickedly hot! Definitely am saving this one!
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I always new the grinch had more going then meets the eye.  So his heart was three sized to small, nature compensates, so logically other things should be three sized to large!  And the Cat and Hat, you all know he is a perv.   :blink:
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Really well written!

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Just awesome!

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That.....would make a good christmas.
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Sexy hot

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This gave me both inspiration and quite a good laugh. Well done.