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Amore de los Muertos
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Amore de los Muertos
by DarkLittleFetish©

Disclaimer: The character created within are mine, and only mine. Unless they decide to jump from the page and sue me or something. So yeah. There it is, My disclaimer

Insight&Warning: Insight and warning huh? Well this is about how Alcohol, drugs and a little imagination can make for a memorable Halloween when Necrophilia is a factor. Two girls, deciding on a little fun in the cemetery get more than they asked for when they step into this cemetery.


"Shut the fucking door!," the girl shouted from beside the sink. " If the fucker who's doin that doesn't stop, I'm gonna bust your fuckin head." The girl in gothic clothing scowled as the door opened for a third time. She quickly finished her business and flushed the toilet. She curse under her breath as another knock was issued upon the door.

"What?!" she hissed.

"Come on, Carla." Carla checked her self in the mirror, adjusting the crudely made habit she wore atop her head. She smoothed out the skirt of her vinyl jumper dress and headed fro the hallway. As she left the bathroom, she came eye to eye with what looked like a medieval witch. The girl's aquamarine colored eyes looked full of worry. She fidgeted with the collar of her teal and purple dress. Carla quickly smiled, trying to lighten the mood.

"Leona. Please tell me that it was you opening the door." Leona threw her hands up in defense at the comment.

"It was the cheerleader. I swear," she answered. The two laughed at the suggestion, Carla helping her friend up from her seat on the floor. The girls looked over one another, adjusting small things here and there. Leona watched her friend shift the corset that was the center piece of her nun's costume.

"You, Carla Jacobs, have got to be the most hellish looking nun I have ever seen." Carla chuckled at her friend's comment. She looked down at the clothes she was wearing. Besides the various piercing in her face, the dark make up around her eyes and lips; not to mention the short latex and corset dress, she realized her friend was right. She took Leona by the hand, and down the hallway they went.

The living room area was a little more crowded than when they'd first come inside. A few more people had slowly filtered into the room. Ghosts, cowboys, nothing was being left out tonight. As Carla led Leona into the kitchen, a man dressed as Dracula was guzzling yet another shot of whiskey. He had been most of the night. The two looked childishly to one another, exchanging looks of amusement. Carla watched him, hungrily, then broke herself from the daze. Leona was pulling her outside, and she was happy to go.

Carla sat near the ever growing bonfire, casting glances to every corner of the night. Laughing vampires, Playboy bunnies, not even one caring about the chill in the early autumn air. Typically Carla would've been happy sitting at home, a handful of horror flicks in one hand, a bottle of rum in the other. It was something she'd grown accustomed to. Leona and her mother had asked her to come to this. The party was out in the country somewhere, nothing but woods and small secluded roads. It reminded her of her father's place in Pennsylvania. Even down t the single wide trailer on the edge of the darkest parts of the trees. It was like a scene straight out of a horror flick.

She shivered in the night, feeling the softness of a head rest on her bare shoulder. Carla looked down to the tired eyed girl, and smiled.

"Leona? You okay sweetie?" the caramel skinned girl sighed, only to point briefly to the other side of the crackling logs. Carla's eyes looked through the wavering flames, catching the sights of a laughing woman in a tiger's costume. She was holding a beer in one hand, the fingers of a man entwined in the other. Carla shook her head sadly, then wrapped her own pale arms around her friend.

"She's fucking shameless," Leona began. "Carla, she hasn't even said two fucking words to us since we got here. Carla closed her eyes for a minute. Leona was right, but there was nothing that could be done. Her mother was going to do what she saw as right.

"Hey," Carla chirped. "Just think of the shit we're gonna be doing on Halloween. Remember? We were gonna stock up on the cheapest alcohol, candles, any fucking music you and I want, and hang out in the cemetery till dawn. Talking about anything and everything. Being as loud as we want. And she's gonna be inside some stuffy building, working." Carla watched her friend perk up a little bit, taking a sip of her drink.

"You're right," she said. "Fuck it. You get the music, I'll see to the booze, we'll chill, do whatever." The two laughed as they continued talking, watching the fire rise even higher as another log was to be thrown on.

Carl alit up another cigarette as the barmaid shook Leona's hand. She smiled bravely, looking to Carla then to her mother. Carla worried about Leona. Then again, Leona was in a daze for the rest of the party. Now, here they stood, leaving the cold, and headed for home. Carla had thought of asking Leona if she wanted to ride with her. But, she and her mother were already in the car, laughing like nothing had even happened. Carla smiled to herself as she watched them pull away.

A week had past, and Halloween had dawned. Carla ran around the apartment that afternoon, phone on her hip, bags and other things crowding her hands. It was like watching a comedy as she tried to balance and run and carry.

"Leona? Are you sure you have everything ready?," Carla asked, gathering some bottles into an over sized bag. She'd decided to get a few extra things, along with the candles and food that had already been purchased.

"Yes, Carl. I've got the music, got the batteries for the stereo." Carla looked around her small apartment once more, double checking her supplies. She then looked over to the two large bags by the front door.

"Alright," she sighed. "I've got everything else. You just have your ass outside by ten. I'm gonna go clean up and everything. I'll see you tonight." She spoke with her friend for a short time more, and looked to the clock on the wall. It was six now. The cemetery was around an hour maybe more away. Tonight, she felt, called for something special. Not just any little graveyard would do. Carla put the phone back on the wall, and went through, picking up things.

She enjoyed living alone. She could basically go anywhere, come and go at any hour she chose. Well, save for work pretty much. That was another thing she was proud of. It wasn't much for a store clerk. However, the bills DID get paid, and that was enough for her.

Carla made her way into the bathroom, rubbing the back of her neck. A hot shower was just what she needed before heading out for the night.

The raven haired girl looked to the one standing on the edge of the curb. She was dressed in a long vinyl dress, strapless of course. Carla could see the splits on either side, going clean up to the hips of her friend. She smiled as the girl hefted up her bags and stereo, tossing them into the open trunk. Carla checked her reflection once more, turning the car's stereo on. A metal tune began thumping slowly around her as she watched Leona shut the trunk. Moments later, her friend was seated beside her in the small car.

"You ready?" Carla teased, handing her a drink. The two smiled like children about to do something bad, and were soon off into the night.

Carla watched the busted streetlights fly by them, the music stirring goose bumps on her pale skin. There was energy about this night that she knew Leona had to have felt too. It was like being awake for the first time, yet afraid of closing your eyes. Fearing something would happen.

"Ya know Carla. This has been the best fucking Halloween so far. You look great." Carla looked down to her gothic school girl attire and pigtailed bluish black hair. She kissed Leona's caramel toned cheek, and thanked her. She tapped her fingers on the steering wheel, nodding her head as Leona reached fro another drink.

The gravel of the small cemetery road crunched under the tires of the Honda, vibrating with the humming of the engine. The car continued forward. The music from inside echoing around the ancient tombs and crypts. The bass rattled to a hum as the headlights poured over yet another hilltop. Crickets had been chirping, owls swooping by now and then.

As the car came to rest on the peak of the next hill, Carla cut the engine. Leona gazed out of the window, opening her own door a little. She looked out into the night, up at the full moon that hung over them.

"Alright," Carla began. "There's a bunch of old tombs, just down the hill, near the back of the cemetery gates." Carla point to a weathered path ahead, and undid her seat belt. Soon after, the two exited the car, grabbed their bags, and skipped happily down the path.

Carla hefted her bags in her left hand, rounding yet another gravesite. Leona sat atop a grassy knoll, lighting and arranging all shapes and sizes of candles. The stereo beside her now played on, sending out waves of dark beats into the star filled sky.

The two girls drank for a long while, giggling at random things, at one another. Carla rested her head on Leona's shoulder for a minute, then pulled out a near empty bottle of vodka. She was beginning to feel the warmth in her body, despite the chill that lingered around them. Carla could feel the alcohol surging through her system. Giving her that feeling, she all too enjoyed. She rarely got drunk, but when she did, she indulged herself.

As they filled another glass, Carla pulled her friend up, pulling her past and around random graves. They danced now and then, hugging and leaning on one another. Neither of the drunken girls had noticed the light layer of fog that had crept through the iron bars of the gates behind them. As it neared their resting place, it only grew heavier, wrapping around any and everything. Before long, the entire ground ay blanketed under its density.

Carla had stopped twirling and touched her steaming skin. Her breathing had become ragged, her heart now pounding as quickly as the drums n the stereo. She closed her gray eyes and tilted her head back, listening. A snapping off in the distance jolted her back into existence. The music still going, she glanced back to Leona. She still giggled, her red and black hair bouncing in the night. A chill went through her, something telling her to turn her attention. She pulled Leona closer to her, motioning for her to quiet herself. The two held to each other's arms, carefully taking a step closer to the sound. Each looked toward the haze that seemed to come from nowhere. Carla squinted against the night at a series of shadows that had begun to form a few feet ahead. Carla could feel the corset around her chest getting tighter as she fought to calm herself.

"Car?" a soft voice beside her echoed. Why? Carla thought. Why do I have to be the ballsy one? She made Leona stand by the crypt, as she walked ahead. Her eyes still focused on the closing in of the shadows, she began to notice something. The closer that they got, the more defined they became. Out of the shadows, came three men. Carla watched them dust off their shoulders, each looking to the other in almost shock. Carla grinned, taking up a childish pose. She chewed her bottom lip, feeling it swell. The one in the middle sort of looked punkish. His head had been shaven neatly down to the scalp. His arms lightly tanned. She caught the glimpse of a few tattoos on his arms, and some writing on his right forearm. He looked to her with eyes a deep brown. He grinned. As did Carla. He smoothed out his black t-shirt, and looked her over. She could feel his eyes on her, almost like he were touching her without flesh.

The other two smiled as well, looking past Carla to Leona. Carla watched the apparent leader of the group pull a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, and light a single one. He took a long draw, stuffing the remainder of the back into his jeans pocket. He exhaled slowly, creating even more haze around them. His deep voice shook her as he spoke.

"You two shouldn't be out here by yourselves. The bogeyman could get ya." Carla laughed, shifting feet as he now stood directly in front of her.

"We'll be fine," she retorted. He reached out long, thin fingers, twisting one of her ponytails around them. Carla shuddered as those fingers crept up her bare arm. She watched him intently. He was taller than her, but not by much. His body was thin, from what she could tell, toned in all the right places. At first glance she thought maybe he'd been Italian. But as she listened to his voice, she knew otherwise. A voice from one of the others came into being.

"So, do we get a drink or have you two killed it all?" Carla and Leona giggled, leading the three back to their spot. The candles still burned brightly, despite the fog that had gathered. Carla watched Leona, seeing the color rise in her friends other wise darkened cheeks. She, herself, sat perched on a low-lying tomb. She had told the three to help themselves, which they already had been. Leona looked to Carla, a nervous grin upon her lips. Carla returned the tremors, feeling her self beginning to tense up. She looked over to the two that hadn't yet made any moves. The both dressed in nearly the same manner as the one who now sat closest to her. One was more darker in skin tone, Latino maybe. The one at her side took another long drag of the cigarette, the smoke blowing out as he spoke.

"My name's Enz. This is Blake, and Anton." He pointed to the two near Leona, purposely leaning over Carla. She leaned back, bracing herself on her elbows. The concrete slab scraped against her skin. Her eyes darted to Leona who was talking quietly among the drunken pair. The lighter skinned of them spoke, a light accent.

"Yo! Enz. Since these dolls were nice enough to share their drink, I say we should smoke em up." Carla watched Enz grin.

"You're the one who's got it..." Carla sighed as Enz casually touched the edge of her thigh high.

"So," she began, trying to break the tension. " How'd you three find us?" The one Enz addressed as Anton spoke, nibbling at Leona's ears.

"Blake heard your music. I guess you can say that it led us through." The group chuckled at the comment, bottles clinking in unison. Enz was toying with the dials on the stereo, stopping as a deep haunting guitar solo began to play. Carla felt him watching, and looked away. The one that had suggested the weed, now sat hunched over a tombstone, placing flakes of green onto a small square of paper. He stuffed the remainder into a front pocket, and began to roll up the paper before him.

"This is some killer smoke," Enz whispered, his lips poised near Carla's ear. She moaned involuntarily, moving her body closer to his. She closed her eyes for a brief second, then opened them. He was watching his friends as they lit the joint.

The more it was passed between the five of them, the less worried Carla got about everything. Less worried about not having fun. About the three others being a threat to her and Leona. She laid back on the stone, stretching her body. As she lay there, she heard Leona giggling. She knew Enz was somewhere close by as she rested her hands on her stomach and thighs. Something warm was touching her middle. Carla looked down, seeing those haunting brown eyes looking up at her.

Enz smiled, licking the flesh of her stomach that as exposed. Of course, being in the state that she was, she was far from angry. To tell the truth, every time his hand grazed her top, waves of dizziness flooded her head. He only smiled, pulling her to her feet. She looked over to Leona, who was now trading passionate kisses between the other two. Carla's face was grabbed harshly, her lips pressed deeply to his own.

"Enz, I-" She gasped as he tugged on the roots of her hair. Her first instinct was to slap him, but something in his kiss drove her insane. Carla swooned as his fingers grabbed her breasts, roughly massaging them. Carla whimpered as her neck was playfully bitten at. A light whistling was echoing around as the stereo grew even louder. She could feel his canines grazing her ear as he went in fro a second bite.

"Mmm," he groaned. " You taste like candy." She snickered at the comment. Carla could feel her inner thighs tremble as his own thigh pressed to her warmth. She knew by the heat in her hands and pale cheeks that he was getting to her. In far more ways than she could ever recall. Carla looked around nervously as he led her deeper into the cemetery, past deadened trees, through even more haze and fog.

"Where are we going?," she asked hesitantly. He only pulled on her that much more. Carla could feel the breezes of the evening flowing up her skirt, flitting against her ass. She winced as a low lying tree branch caught the backs of her thighs. The smell of old death was everywhere. The ground, the headstones. The very hand that held her. For someone who seemed so eager to approach her and drag her off into the night, he was unusually quiet.

"But Leona--"

For a second he turned to her, placing a thin finger over her lips.

"She's fine. In good hands. I promise."

She stumbled briefly, seeing the cast iron bars of the cemetery's border ahead. They looked centuries old, and they probably were no doubt. Flecks of black paint lost completely in some places. Carla stopped for a minute, looking about her. The music was faint here. She could barley make out the bass line anymore. Carla shrieked in surprise as her back side was pressed violently into the heavy bars. The coldness of them sent chills up her spine. Like knives of ice that tore tight through her clothing. Her gray eyes flew to Enz, now looming over her. She felt the pulsing between her legs, it's rhythm growing as one hand held her two smaller ones above her. The long tendrils of her pigtails were pinned behind her, exposing her bare throat. For a moment, she wanted to cry out, beg for Leona, or anyone who might happen by. Carla took a deep breath, tasting the nights drinks, heavy still, on her tongue.

"Enz, what are-" Before she could continue, he slid the free hand between her thighs. A light groan rose from her as the material of her skirt slid past her thighs. He only smiled, scooting her body higher up. His skin was like death, cold, trembling. His fingers edged around the material that covered her shaven pussy. Carla cringed in surprise as curious fingers found the wetness. He chuckled.

"You get off on guys roughing you up?" Carla closed her eyes, wiggling her ever warming body against his hands.

"Mmm," he hissed. Carla looked down into his eyes, seeing the deviance, and pain they had in store. She felt her chest rising and falling quicker with every touch of her clit. He was spreading her pussy lips, all the while stroking the throbbing little button of flesh. Carla gasped as he shoved two of his fingers deep inside. Her inner muscles clenched and relaxed around the intruding digits. She wanted so much more. Drinking often did that to her. Made her feel, made her think. The he did something she hadn't expected.

He grabbed her wrists, and hauled her to the damp ground below them. Carla whimpered as her knees scraped against a gravestone. She watched the fog spread way from her fallen self. Her skirt rode up even higher on her ass then, exposing the thing that had been pulled aside.

"Off with the clothes, dolly." She glanced up to him from where she ay, a questioning look in her eyes. She hesitated fro a moment, then rose to her feet. With her trembling fingers, she began undoing buttons, exposing more and more flesh as she went.

As she removed the shirt, the cool of the night air hit her sweltering skin. She saw him grin like a child as her cold-hardened nipples were exposed. Carla was embarrassed to an extent, as she continued disrobing. When she went to reach for her thong, he grabbed her am roughly.

"Everything else stays." Carla looked down at her nearly bare skin. She'd been allowed to keep her shoes, thighs highs, and thong. Her body shivered, both from fear and from cold. Enz stepped backwards, till he now stood with his back against those familiar bars. He rubbed at a bulge that had began to take shape in the front of his pants. Carla watched quietly, not knowing whether or not to move. With a wave of his hand, he motioned for her to come to him. She slowly walked over to where he stood, her arms down at her sides.

"Suck me off," he growled. Carla looked into his eyes, kneeling in front of his toned body. He was somehow hotter when he spoke to her in that way. She placed a small pale hand on the top button of his pants, pulling down the zipper with the other. A light moan came from Enz, almost eerie in nature. Carla pushed her thin hand into his boxers, running her fingers along the hardness. She watched his face as she wrapped her hand around the thickness of it. As she pulled the shaft into view, a wave of panic washed over her. The cold didn't matter, nor did the roughness of his touch. His cock was bigger than any she'd had in her lifetime. She felt tremors of electricity running through her body as his hands fell upon the back of her head. Without hesitation, she put her lips to the swollen tip. She licked around the veins, flicking at the head, teasing. Carla stroked the length with one hand, rubbing his stomach with the other. It was just as solid as the rest of him was. He was warm inside her mouth. She could taste the precum that drizzled down the sides of his dick, and she began to suckle him farther and farther down her throat. His groans of pleasure only got louder as she bobbed her head faster. Carla worked her body into the task as she'd seen done, stoking and squeezing at the base of him. She felt his hardness pumping harder into her mouth, his hands seeming to guide her head back and forth.

"Oh, fuuuck," he moaned. "Lick the sides. Mmm, make me come." Carla looked up as she did so, putting more pressure and suction onto him. As she sucked gently at the vein, he twitched, yanking her head away from him. Carla stroked him faster, working her hands in circle the entire time.

"Now," he said breathlessly, pulling her to her feet. "I'm going to fuck the holy hell out of that ass of yours." Carla cried out as she was pressed face first into the bars. She could still taste the saltiness of him on her tongue, her lips. She felt him remove his shirt behind her, tossing it somewhere into the dark. Cold hands pried her thighs apart, rubbing roughly at her slit from behind. She could feel the fingers slip now and then. His hands held her open, a thumb, still grazing her clit. Carla groaned in ecstasy as he slid his full length into her. It didn't last long. Before Carla could catch her breath, she felt Enz driving into her at a maddening pace. His hands took hold of hers, pinning them to the highest bar on the cold fence. Carla could feel the gate shaking as he fucked her, driving his massiveness in and out of her pussy walls. She tried clenching her inner walls, only to have his thin body slam against hers. Her thighs ached under the pressure of him, her head hitting between the bars in front of her. There was a feeling of both pleasure and pain running through her, as his fingers curled around her own. Carla heard the metal creaking and moving underneath them. His breathing was growing heavier with each thrust. The feel of his lips on her felt better now than it had before. She turned her head, catching him in a wild kiss. Their bodies thrashed together, tongues lashing out at one another, lips locking on in frenzy. She screamed out around him as she felt his cock beginning to throb inside her. Her heart was pounding as hard as Enz was inside her, maybe harder. He grabbed back on her hair, throwing all of himself into his motions. Carla watch in horror as his brown eyes seemed to grow whiter, every bit of color fading into one sickly gray. His deepening thrusts were matched by his moans deep into her neck.

"Umm.." he groaned. "I'm gonna come, baby doll. On your back, now." Carla turned around as quickly as she could, feeling him lift her legs high into the air. Her eyes locked onto his as he slammed his cock inside her once more. Carla wrapped her arms around his bare shoulders, running a nervous hand over his shaved scalp.

"You ready?," he grunted. Carla answered with a nod as he banged against her harder, grunting and thrusting. His eyes watched her, those dead, glassy, eyes. All at once, the two held tight to each other, groans and screams all that could be heard in the moonlight. Carla clenched her thighs around his middle, feeling her own orgasm giving way. She started to cry as the two of them started to convulse in violent unison. With one last thrust, Carla felt her consciousness beginning to slip., his voice the last thing she head.

"Leona?" Carla grumbled under her breath. Her head felt like it were about to split into two halves. There was no answer to her call. She rolled slowly onto her back, rubbing her closed eyes. She could feel the sun overhead. Every muscle and bone in her body screamed in pain. She pushed herself into a kneeling position, slowly opening her eyes. The fog from last night had lifted somewhat, the morning sky a dull blue. When had she fallen asleep? The last thing she could recall was being with Enz at the back gates.

"Leona?," she called again. As Carla looked around, she only saw empty and half empty bottle of alcohol. A few of the larger candles form last night still burned. Her clothes were strewn about the area as if someone had just tossed them into the air. She rose to her tired feet, gathering her clothes.

After she had dressed, she picked up what she saw as her keys. She continued her search, walking through the paths and stones. Many times she called out for them. For Leona, for the others. And never was there an answer. Carla turned a corner, stumbling blindly over one of the stray rocks. As she looked up from where she had fallen, she felt a sick feeling creeping up from the pits of her stomach. She'd found them. All four.

"Leona Hoffman, Anton Cortez, Blake Stuart..." She turned to face the last one. And hesitated. Her body quaked in fear. No!! It couldn't be. He wasn't. But, it was. She recited the last one.

"Damon Enz..." All the graves were worn, having been erected over 10 years before. Carla scrambled to her feet, moving backwards up the hill. An old woman stood by one of the crypts. As Carla passed her, the old woman continued to utter a phrase. It was something in Spanish. Carla listened.

"Amor De Los Muertos," the woman said again.

"What does that mean?" Carla demanded. The old woman grinned, and whispered to Carla as she pointed out over the cemetery.

"Love," she said. "Love-of the dead."

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So enjoy your stories.
A BIG Thank You. 
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Nice! The vhole love of the dead theme remynds me of some of our old folk storys around here, about unclean spirits from the grave posessing the living, wooing them in, then draging them off to join them. Used to have a book of those colected tales vhen I was a kid, think I stil have it somevhere in the basement. Beter ending wuld be if he pulled her with him in his grave at the end as punishment for disturbing the dead. :evilgrin:

just my kink list to give you a idea of what to expect :)